Zachary Knight knows the US and Oklahoma needs more people in Congress who are Pro-Freedom and Pro-Peace. To that end, he proposes the following policies and goals.

  • End all military conflicts that are not in direct defense of the US. This includes reducing the military budget by ending boondoggle programs and graft that plagues our budget.
  • End The War On Terror by revoking the PATRIOT Act and all other programs that violate the constitution and the rights, privacy, and liberty of the American People.
  • End The War On Drugs and all parts of it including mandatory minimums, bans on industrial hemp, civil asset forfeiture, and more.
  • Balance the Budget by shutting down all Federal Programs and Agencies that are not directly authorized by the US Constitution.
  • End The Federal Income Tax by eliminating unconstitutional programs and agencies, reducing the military industrial complex and more. We can eliminate the income tax and return that money to the American people.
  • Bring US Law Into The Digital Age by establishing and expanding fair use of copyrights, trademarks and patents, eliminating cronyism in copyright, trademark and patent law, and getting the US out of treaties that lock us into these unjust laws.
  • Increase Representation of the American People by eliminating single member congressional districts and replacing them with multi-member proportional districts. Congress should also be subject to term limits.
  • And So Much More.

You can learn more about Zachary Knight’s positions on the above issues and more by reading his answers to the following surveys and questionnaires submitted by third parties: