End All Military Conflicts

The US spends more money on its military budget than the next 7 countries combined. We spend way too much. The US needs to reduce its military budget if it wants to eliminate its overall debt. It needs to reduce its military presence throughout the world if it wants to retain its peaceful relations with allies and make new allies.

To this end, Zachary Knight proposes the following:

  • End all wars of aggression and military conflicts the US is currently engaged in. War is only justified in the immediate defense of the US and allies.
  • Close all military bases not on US or US territory soil. Bring those troops home to protect our nation. We currently spend over $100billion a year maintaining these unnecessary bases
  • Leave NATO. The US makes up roughly 70% of NATO’s budget and military power. Its purpose of protecting Europe from the Soviet Union has long since passed and it is no longer needed.
  • Eliminate waste and graft from the military budget by canceling all contracts for military equipment the armed forced do not need nor asked for.
  • Use some of these savings to properly fund and staff the Veteran Affairs department and treat our soldiers with the respect and care they need.
  • End the draft. The US still has a draft in place, requiring all adult males to sign up for forced conscription into military service. We need to end this archaic practice.