About Me

At this point in my life and career, I think that having a resume on my site is a bit pointless. I am not trying to use this site to help me get a job. I am simply using this site as something to promote myself. So I am doing away with the resume and just listing a few of the highlights from my life:

Around 4 years old, when I learned to ride my bike without training wheels, that very day I was hit by a car. I was riding around the neighborhood with my siblings and while crossing at an intersection, a car coming to a stop hit me. The driver felt real bad and drove me and my bike home. Interestingly enough, at around 16, I was riding a bike down a fairly steep hill and lost control and ended up skidding about 10 feet. A driver of a passing pick-up drove me and my bike home.

My mother home schooled me in high school. After 3 siblings having bad experiences at the local high school, and myself having a number of problems with fighting, she pulled me out after the 8th grade. While home schooled, I slept most of the time and rarely did my homework. I still managed to get to college and made it out alive with a 3.68 GPA.

I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the England Manchester Mission from April 2000 to April 2002. I learned a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and taught a lot of people. I consider the work I did there a success and was a factor in bringing a number of people to the knowledge of Jesus as their Savior. One lady in particular, Avril, told me that I was the reason she decided to join because I was the first Missionary to actually answer her questions. Why no other missionary answered them, I don’t know. I didn’t feel they were particularly hard questions.

I began college in the fall of 2002 at Oklahoma City Community College. I failed to place very high in math and would have been forced to take 3 math classes before getting to the required math courses. I decided to pull out the old Algebra text books from high school, spent a week cramming, then retook the test. I placed at one class before the required courses. I said, that was good enough. While taking the test, I taught myself how to work a specific formula that kept coming up. While in College Algebra, the course I placed into, I only ever did my homework in class the day it was due. I aced that course.

I tried to go to Oklahoma State University but had nothing but bad experiences there. At OCCC, I was considered an adult student and didn’t need anything from my high school days to register. When I went to OSU after one semester at OCCC, I was told that because I had taken some college, I was no longer considered an adult and would need high school transcripts. Additionally, I had not take enough college work to be considered a transfer student. I dropped out of OSU because of that and poor class settings.

The one great thing to come from going to OSU was that I met my wife there. We were married in July of 2003 and love each other very much. We have 6 kids who are all great. I look forward to the many years yet to come with them.

I eventually graduated from the now closed Collins College in Tempe, Arizona with a BA in Game Design and a 3.68 GPA. The only course I got less than a B in was the creative writing course. Go figure. The reason I got a C rather than a B was because I didn’t have any of my class notes on the last day of class and that was required for some reason. That teacher got a lot of complaints that year.

I ran for the office of State Representative as an Independent against the incumbent Scott Martin in 2010. I spent a grand total of $300 of my own money and worked hard enough to get nearly 20% of the vote. In 2016, I ran for US Congressional District 5 against Steve Russell. I was also a Presidential Elector for Gary Johnson of the newly form Libertarian Party that year. In both races, I received more that 5% of the vote.

Since graduating, I have not worked in game development even though I want to. I moved back to Oklahoma because my wife and I wanted to be close to family. I have since worked in various web development jobs. I currently do a few things on the side.

I am currently working with my brother Willis on some games under the name of Divine Knight Gaming. We haven’t released too much over the years, but I keep up the game development as a hobby.

I also write for a few websites. I write about gaming in general at Random Tower. I write about the the plight of game developers in Oklahoma over at Oklahoma Game Development. I have also taken over hosting and writing for a website dedicated to changing Oklahoma’s ballot access laws over at Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform.