About Me

At this point in my life and career, I think that having a resume on my site is a bit pointless. I am not trying to use this site to help me get a job. I am simply using this site as something to promote myself. So I am doing away with the resume and just listing a few of the highlights from my life:

Around 4 years old, when I learned to ride my bike without training wheels, that very day I was hit by a car. I was riding around the neighborhood with my siblings and while crossing at an intersection, a car coming to a stop hit me. The driver felt real bad and drove me and my bike home. Interestingly enough, at around 16, I was riding a bike down a fairly steep hill and lost control and ended up skidding about 10 feet. A driver of a passing pick-up drove me and my bike home.

My mother home schooled me in high school. After 3 siblings having bad experiences at the local high school, and myself having a number of problems with fighting, she pulled me out after the 8th grade. While home schooled, I slept most of the time and rarely did my homework. I still managed to get to college and made it out alive with a 3.68 GPA.

I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the England Manchester Mission from April 2000 to April 2002. I learned a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and taught a lot of people. I consider the work I did there a success and was a factor in bringing a number of people to the knowledge of Jesus as their Savior. One lady in particular, Avril, told me that I was the reason she decided to join because I was the first Missionary to actually answer her questions. Why no other missionary answered them, I don’t know. I didn’t feel they were particularly hard questions.

I began college in the fall of 2002 at Oklahoma City Community College. I failed to place very high in math and would have been forced to take 3 math classes before getting to the required math courses. I decided to pull out the old Algebra text books from high school, spent a week cramming, then retook the test. I placed at one class before the required courses. I said, that was good enough. While taking the test, I taught myself how to work a specific formula that kept coming up. While in College Algebra, the course I placed into, I only ever did my homework in class the day it was due. I aced that course.

I tried to go to Oklahoma State University but had nothing but bad experiences there. At OCCC, I was considered an adult student and didn’t need anything from my high school days to register. When I went to OSU after one semester at OCCC, I was told that because I had taken some college, I was no longer considered an adult and would need high school transcripts. Additionally, I had not take enough college work to be considered a transfer student. I dropped out of OSU because of that and poor class settings.

The one great thing to come from going to OSU was that I met my wife there. We were married in July of 2003 and love each other very much. We have 5 kids who are all great. I look forward to the many years yet to come with them.

I eventually graduated from the now closed Collins College in Tempe, Arizona with a BA in Game Design and a 3.68 GPA. The only course I got less than a B in was the creative writing course. Go figure. The reason I got a C rather than a B was because I didn’t have any of my class notes on the last day of class and that was required for some reason. That teacher got a lot of complaints that year.

I ran for the office of State Representative as an Independent against the incumbent Scott Martin in 2010. I spent a grand total of $300 of my own money and worked hard enough to get nearly 20% of the vote. I would very much like to run again, but have not had a good opportunity to do so since.

Since graduating, I have not worked in game development even though I want to. I moved back to Oklahoma because my wife and I wanted to be close to family. I have since worked in various web development jobs. I currently do a few things on the side.

I am currently working with my brother Willis on some games under the name of Divine Knight Gaming. Our current project, Demon’s Hex, is slow going but fun. We have other projects planned and hope to begin on them soon.

I also write for a few websites. I write about gaming in general at Random Tower. I write about the the plight of game developers in Oklahoma over at Oklahoma Game Developers. I have also taken over hosting and writing for a website dedicated to changing Oklahoma’s ballot access laws over at Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform.