End The Drug War

The US wastes billions of dollars a year on fighting a fruitless war against drugs. This decades old war has not reduced the availability of drugs in the US. it has only resulted is wasted time, money and man power. It has only resulted in destroying the lives of people arrested for little more than possession. It has resulted in the police stealing the private property of the American people.

Zachary Knight proposes the following:

  • Ending federal prohibition of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp. Let the states decide if they want to continue to enforce prohibitions of these two highly useful plants.
  • End federal civil forfeiture programs, including the equitable sharing program used by the Department of Justice.
  • Repeal all mandatory minimum sentences for victimless crimes, repeal all laws establishing crimes which have no victims, commute the sentences of anyone imprisoned under these laws.
  • Decriminalize all other drugs.
  • Lower the Federal drinking age to 18. If at 18, you are old enough to be sent and die for his country in the military, you are old enough to drink. Much of the 1st world has an 18 drinking age including Canada and the UK. We should join these countries in treating adults as adults.