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Wally Hates Paywalls – Goes One Step Further

May 12, 2011 Posted by zachary

Someone at the Tulsa World needs to actually read the comics section of their paper. Yesterday’s Dilbert Comic Strip was about paywall systems such as the one the Tulsa World recently introduced.

Wally Kills the Pay Wall

It is so strange that the big wigs at the Tulsa World don’t understand how adding a paywall to their website will not make them any more money. What it is going to do is cost them money and lose them readers.

I am not one to criticize anyone’s political view points (okay, maybe I am a little) but it seems to me that if the Tulsa World is losing money it is not because of a lack of a paywall. I think the issue is with their overtly Liberal  bias in their news reporting in an ever growing Conservative state.

Creating a paywall is not going to suddenly make those Conservative news readers want to read their news. It will move them faster to competing news sources like the Daily Oklahoman that actually understands the need to freely distribute the news to the people.

So come on Tulsa World, get rid of the paywall already.

Tulsa World Hates Their Customers

April 14, 2011 Posted by zachary

Not that I read their news much at all let alone online, the Tulsa World has decided to wage war on their readers by forcing a subscription in order to read more than 10 articles written by their staff in a 30 day period. They announced this subscription “service” (Warning: This announcement is written by a TW Staffer and if you have read more than 10 articles in the last 30 days, you cannot even read this) on March 31, 2011.

This come shortly after the New York Times announced pretty much the same thing, but they allow 20 articles a month for non subscribers. (more…)

Pirate Party Endorsement

October 4, 2010 Posted by zachary

Today, the Pirate Party of Oklahoma has released their list of candidate endorsements. Out of all people running for office this year, only 26 were willing to respond to their request. Of those 26, only 4 responded with sufficient support for openness in our government to warrant an endorsement.

Zachary Knight is one of those 4.

As a bit of background for the Pirate Party, their “About Us” page describes their platform as follows:

The Pirate Party of Oklahoma is a new political party with the goal of promoting the Privacy Rights of Oklahomans, push for increased Government Transparency, advocate for Ballot Access Reform, and encourage reform of Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks. We are a member of the United States Pirate Party and are also associated with Pirate Parties International. The Pirate Party of Oklahoma was formed in January of 2010 with the signing of our Constitution.

As for their endorsement, this came based on my responses to a number of questions. These questions ranged from Open Access to government, protection from unwarranted wire tapping and searches and Ballot Access Reform. I have included a few examples below.

This is an endorsement I fully accept and encourage all to read the responses of those who are available on the Pirate Party site and see exactly how these issues affect you as a citizen of this state and nation.

On the issue of automated traffic monitoring systems, ie speed, red-light cameras, and other automated systems for identifying traffic violations:

I lived in Arizona for several years and experienced the automated speed and red light cameras. While I am sure those systems brought in quite a bit of revenue for the contractors who operated them, but not so much for the police departments. What is really worrisome about such systems is their inability to make judgment calls and read context of individual situations. The state should avoid such situations as they would bring on additional burden on the people while not increasing revenue for our underfunded police departments.
On laws preventing citizens from recording on-duty police officers:
Oklahoma is a one party consent state, meaning that only one side of a conversation being recorded whether in audio or video is required to consent to the recording. Any attempt to change those laws would violate our rights and a needed protection for the people. Our police force are public servants and they should be accountable to the people they serve. Retaining our one party consent status would allow the people to protect themselves from corruption and abuse.
On requiring the state legislature to comply with the Open Records Act:
All city, county and school government and agencies are required to comply with the open records act. There is not reason why our Legislative branch should not be held to the exact same standard. In order to hold our legislative members accountable, we need to have an open and accurate record of what they are doing in office. I can see a need to protect correspondence with individuals of a legislator’s constituency, but any correspondence with registered lobbyists, state agencies and other legislators should be open to public scrutiny.
Finally, on Ballot Access Reform:
As an independent, I am affected directly by Oklahoma’s current Ballot Access laws. I have come to realize that yes they are the most restrictive and there is no reason to keep them as is, other than reducing competition for incumbent parties. When elected, I plan on working with other legislators in writing and passing sweeping reform in the state. This will include reducing the required number of signatures to [5000] as it was prior to 1974 and changing ballot access laws to remove language that writes the incumbent parties into law.
To read the full list of questions and Zachary’s responses, you can follow this link.

Taking Pies for the People

August 27, 2010 Posted by zachary

Pie in the Face Booth

Tonight, Newcastle Elementary held their annual Back to School Carnival.

I volunteered to run a Pie in the Face booth. It was seriously a blast. Kids lined up and threw a total of 150 pies in my face.I had a number of repeat customers in there as well.

This was a great opportunity to get my name out there and visit with a lot of people in a casual environment and discuss my views on many of today’s issues.

I had a lot of fun and would gladly do this again.

To see more photos of the event, you can visit my Facebook Photo Album.

Primaries Are Over. Let the Real Work Begin.

July 29, 2010 Posted by zachary

Zachary Knight, Profile Photo

Zachary Knight, Profile Photo

We had our primaries and have made decisions. Some of those decisions resulted in a final choice for office. Some decided who we are going to vote for come November.

Now our focus should be on the November election.

Here in House District 46 we have two people running, Scott Martin and myself. I am an Independent who believes in personal as well as economical liberty. I support an open and ethical government.  I want to give the people of Oklahoma the deciding vote in their future.

Over the next 3 months I will be working hard to get to know the people of District 46. I want to find out what it is you are looking for in a Representative. What issues you find most important and why. I am running to be your spokesperson in the Capital. I am not here to make the decisions for you. Our government was designed to give you the voice not a small group of people who sit in a conference all day for four months out of the year.

If you would like to schedule me to speak at an event or be available for a question and answer session please contact me using any method provided in my contact page.

Additionally, I am in need of you support. You can support me by making a donation of your time, talents or money. Any help provided will be in support of personal and economical liberty for the state of Oklahoma. To donate your time or talents, you can contact me directly, or if you would like to make a monetary donation, you can use the donation form available.

I want to thank everyone that has shown their support already and those that will be providing their support in the future. I look forward to representing the people of Oklahoma and specifically those living in District 46.

Three Fine Cities, Three Unfortunate Turnouts

July 19, 2010 Posted by zachary

Today marked the end of my first official week of campaigning. During this week I have visited the City Council meetings of Newcastle (July 12), Norman (July 13) and Noble (July 19). I was able to introduce myself to all three city councils and hear some of the issues facing these fine cities.

I enjoyed the opportunities that I had to visit with the city councils, listen to their meeting proceedings and speak with the people attending. I really look forward to meeting more of the citizens of these fine cities.

Unfortunately, I noticed, despite the wonderful people attending, there was an unfortunate lack of community involvement. Newcastle had about 10 people from the community attending, out of a population of 7,400. Norman had between 20 and 30 people attending out of a population of 111,357. Noble had 4 people attend out of a population of 5,700. It is unfortunate that so few people are taking an interest in the direction of the cities they call home.

I will admit that I do not attend all city council meetings here in Newcastle, but I have tried to attend as often as I am able. I wish more people would take the initiative to attend and help guide the direction of their cities. We as citizens have as much right to direct the affairs of our cities as those we elected. We should exercise that right.

Cub Scouts and Video Games?

June 29, 2010 Posted by zachary

Recently the Cub Scouts of America introduced a new award based on video games. At first this may seem very surprising considering the goal of Scouting is to build life skills within boys and young men. So what life skills can one learn from video games? Let’s take a look at what a Cub Scout must do to get this award. (source)

There are two parts to this award. This first is a belt loop and the second is a pin. There are requirements that the scout must do to get each part. (more…)

Welcome to My New Site

June 29, 2010 Posted by zachary

I have finished my new site. I was planning on doing a WordPress site, but after thinking it through, I found it to be the best option for my needs.

I will be adding content as time moves on. Stay tuned.

Zachary Knight to Run for State Representative of District 46

June 12, 2010 Posted by zachary

Zachary holding two of his daughtersZachary Knight has filed to run for State Representative serving District 46, which includes Newcastle, Noble and Norman.

Throughout his life, Zachary has learned that to be a true leader, one must put his own interests aside and focus on the needs of those he is serving. This lesson has been one taught to him through many acts of service through leadership. This is the type of leader that this state needs.

During his high school years, Zachary worked with the Boy Scouts of America as a lead instructor for new scouts at both Slippery Falls Scout Ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma and Camp Cherokee on the Grand Lake of the Cherokees.

After graduating high school, Zachary served as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Manchester, England area. While on this mission he served as a district leader and led the efforts of the missionaries in Liverpool, England. During his time as a missionary, he learned the value of service for others and love of God and his children.

Zachary attended Collins College in Tempe, Arizona where he not only learned the skills needed to design and develop, he also helped his classmates reach their potential as well. In July 2006, Zachary graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design.

Zachary and his family now live in Newcastle, Oklahoma. He serves in his community as a youth leader for the local branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He serves as an Assistant Scout Master for the Boy Scouts of America and has helped three boys achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

He has also started a local chapter of the Entertainment Consumers Association in which he serves as Chapter President. In this role, he has worked with video game consumers in Oklahoma in pressuring state and federal representatives in passing legislation that provides better choices of broadband internet and protecting the rights of media consumers.

In 2006, Zachary registered to vote in Oklahoma as an Independent. While at the county court house, he inquired about the regulations on creating a new political party in this state. It was here that he learned of the unfair rules that prevent new parties from gaining access to the ballot. Here, he made the commitment to return those regulations back to the way they were prior to 1974.

He has since followed the decisions of our state legislature and the effects those choices have had on the rights of the citizens of Oklahoma.

This year, he decided enough was enough.

This year, the legislative session ended with no real progress on fixing our state’s budget shortfall. They failed for a second time to pass ballot access reform. They passed legislation that makes it more difficult for small businesses to operate. These are not the fruits of an effective government.

Zachary seeks to bring real reform to this state’s legislative branch. Real reform which requires representatives who are willing to serve the people and grant them a voice. Real reform which requires representatives who are willing to strengthen the people they serve and the economy in which they live.