Books and Stories

When I am not programming or goofing off online, I also write. While most of my writing has been confined to articles for my various websites and other sites I contribute too, I also am working on several books.

My primary goal is to become a published fiction writer, but I also write non-fiction and opinion. Now, when I say published, what I really mean is self published. I have come to learn that traditional publishing is not worth the effort, rejection and headache. So I have instead decided that publishing ebooks is the way to go for me.

I am also of the opinion that people will not buy your books unless they can read them or at least parts of them first. So I have decided to make all my books free in web format here on my site (or whatever site I wish to host them on). You will still need to purchase the book if you wish to have it on your Kindle or Nook or whatever device you currently use for reading.

So here are my books:

Random Battles: A Gamer’s Guide to What the Crap is Happening in the Games Industry


You can buy Random Battles on Amazon.