Eliminate Barriers To Elections

Congress holds an astounding 10% approval rating and a near 90% reelection rate. This is completely incomprehensible unless something unsavory was going on. For decades, those in power have solidified their hold on that power through the introduction of laws and regulation that keep their competition at bay and keep them in power.

The same holds true for the duopoly control the Democratic and Republican parties hold in the US.

Zachary Knight proposes the following:

  • Establishing term limits for members of Congress and Senate.
  • Eliminating single member congressional districts and replacing them with multi-member proportional districts.
  • Mandating that the Commission on Presidential Debates include all Presidential candidates who are on the ballots in enough states to theoretically win the election.
  • I support the STOP Act which will make it illegal for members of Congress to raise money for their campaigns and Parties while Congress is in session.