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Wally Hates Paywalls – Goes One Step Further

May 12, 2011 Posted by zachary

Someone at the Tulsa World needs to actually read the comics section of their paper. Yesterday’s Dilbert Comic Strip was about paywall systems such as the one the Tulsa World recently introduced.

Wally Kills the Pay Wall

It is so strange that the big wigs at the Tulsa World don’t understand how adding a paywall to their website will not make them any more money. What it is going to do is cost them money and lose them readers.

I am not one to criticize anyone’s political view points (okay, maybe I am a little) but it seems to me that if the Tulsa World is losing money it is not because of a lack of a paywall. I think the issue is with their overtly LiberalĀ  bias in their news reporting in an ever growing Conservative state.

Creating a paywall is not going to suddenly make those Conservative news readers want to read their news. It will move them faster to competing news sources like the Daily Oklahoman that actually understands the need to freely distribute the news to the people.

So come on Tulsa World, get rid of the paywall already.

Tulsa World Hates Their Customers

April 14, 2011 Posted by zachary

Not that I read their news much at all let alone online, the Tulsa World has decided to wage war on their readers by forcing a subscription in order to read more than 10 articles written by their staff in a 30 day period. They announced this subscription “service” (Warning: This announcement is written by a TW Staffer and if you have read more than 10 articles in the last 30 days, you cannot even read this) on March 31, 2011.

This come shortly after the New York Times announced pretty much the same thing, but they allow 20 articles a month for non subscribers. (more…)