Update: Progress on the Tulsa World’s New Pay Wall

April 19, 2011 Posted by zachary

I have made some progress on the Tulsa World’s new pay wall. I have been looking at this for a while. At first I thought they were doing something intelligent by require users to login and using server side sessions to determine if they load content or not.

This is not so.

Using the Web Developer addon for Firefox, I found that by disabling cookies, refreshing the page and re-enabling cookies I can read the articles when I am locked out. This is not an ideal solution, but it is a temporary fix.

Web Developer: Disable Cookies

I am still trying to get a toolbar bookmarklet functioning to make this a seamless process for anyone to use without having to use Firefox or install the Web Developer Addon. I just haven’t got the right commands going yet.

Javascript is not my strongest programming language, but I know enough to get this working, it will just take me some time.

Update: I have found the cookie that is responsible for displaying the content. It is named “MEYED” Deleting that cookie and refreshing the page provides the content, but there is still something on the page that forces a refresh and blocks the content again.

I have made some progress getting a bookmarklet working but right now it is not very useful. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.

4 Responses to Update: Progress on the Tulsa World’s New Pay Wall

  1. Andy says:

    Any further luck on this? The Tulsa World having a pay wall is the most laughable thing ever.

  2. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Not yet. I have not been able to work on it recently and it is a lot trickier than the New York Times Paywall. Makes me wonder how much the Tulsa world paid for theirs. NYTimes paid $40 million for something that can be bypassed by turing off javascript.

  3. Bluebird says:

    Just click on the private browsing.. the go to your bookmarked TW. you can read and post as much as you want.

    When the black screen come back.. get out of the private browsing.. then restart a new session.

    Problem is if your have been blacklisted, (they will look at the IP) then punt you off again.

    They pay some people to post guys.. It is a lame forum.

  4. Jay says:

    Anyone can still browse the World as long as you flush your cookies and dont sign in, but the 2nd week of March 2012 they made more changes that dont allow you to comment on stories (or even report abuse) without logging in with an Email address associated with a paid account.

    Im sure I’m not the only paid subscriber that doesnt want his personal information tied so closely with comments, so no, Im not “activating” my “digital account” and giving up more privacy.

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