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My Endorsements for the November Election

November 1, 2010 Posted by zachary

My endorsements, or voter guide if you may, is pretty simple. Vote Independent in any race there is an Independent and if not, vote Republican. There is however one exception to this rule, the State Superintendent Race.

There is an Independent in the race for State Superintendent. But I have chosen not to support him. My reasoning is that Richard Cooper has expressed his support of SQ744, which I have already determined is bad policy. His Republican opponent, Janet Barresi, does not support SQ 744 and is more likely to support and implement a voucher program for education. For this race, I recommend you vote for Barresi.

Again for all other races that have an Independent on the ballot, vote Independent. For everything else, vote Republican.

For a listing of my recommendations on the State Questions you can reference my State Question Guide. For Non Partisan races, judges for example, I don’t have any specific recommendations. There are a number of handy guides available online to help you learn more about them.