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Tell Congress To Do Their Job; Support The STOP Act

April 28, 2016 Posted by zachary

The STOP Act will end this absurd scheduleIt is no question that money is a big part of politics. Those that win Congressional seats often raise and spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure their seat. Some, like my opponent Steve Russell, even go into debt to do it. But did you know that members of Congress are pressured to spend a sizeable amount of time cold calling for campaign donations? Even while they are supposed to be writing and learning about bills that will be coming to a vote?

60 Minutes did an expose about this practice and CBS had an interview with Congressman David Jolly who wants to put a stop to this practice. He has introduced a bill called the STOP Act, which would make it illegal for elected officials to ask for money while Congress is in session. watch his interview below.

I support this bill. If elected, my job will be to learn about the issues that impact Americans, learn about the bills my colleagues have introduced, and to write bills that will advance freedom and peace in the US. My job is not to campaign for the next election or to raise money for a political party.

If elected, I will support this bill, or one like it. If one is not introduced, I will introduce it myself. Congress needs to get off the phones and get back to work.

You can tell Congress to do its job by signing Rep. Jolly’s STOP Act petition.