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Senator Inhofe, You are an Idiot

June 2, 2011 Posted by zachary

Back at the end of May, I sent a letter to my Senators and Congressman about the PATRIOT Act. I had asked them to vote against it as it violates the citizens Constitutional rights to privacy and due process. In response to this letter, Senator Inhofe sent me a pre-written form letter meant to “address” my concerns about the bill. Shortly after sending that letter, the US House and Senate passed the PATRIOT Act renewal by large margins and the President signed the extension into law. In response to that event, I wrote again to my Senators and Congressman explaining because they voted for the renewal, I was going to vote against them and actively oppose them in coming elections.

Unfortunately, it looks like Senator Inhofe is incapable of reading. He completely blew off the meat of my letter and instead decided to focus on a key word search of the PATRIOT Act and resent the exact same form letter with the following paragraphs tacked on the end to address recent events involving Senator Rand Paul and his proposed amendments: (more…)

PATRIOT Act Renewal Means We Need to Vote the Bums Out

May 31, 2011 Posted by zachary

Thursday, May 26, 2011, the US Senate and US House of Representatives passed by a large margin the renewal of the PATRIOT Act. Both of Oklahoma’s Senators and All of Oklahoma’s Congressmen, with the exception of Sullivan, voted to renew it with no debate and no amendments. Sullivan did not vote so his inaction is just as bad if not worse than those who voted for it.

The PATRIOT Act is the worst violation of the people of the United States’ rights to be secure in their persons and be given due process. The renewal of the PATRIOT Act continues the ability of the US to violate the rights of the people by searching and monitoring the communication and purchase history of guns and other objects of interest without any court oversight.

Local law enforcement is required to get a warrant before performing any kind of search or wiretap even in cases of clear evidence of wrong doing. But the US government has granted themselves the power to bypass the courts when all they have is a hunch or a gut feeling.

When will the people of this nation stand up for their rights? When will the people of this nation realize that the specter of terrorism is nothing more than that, a specter? When will we vote in people who understand the Constitution this nation was founded on? I tried last election and will again this next election. (more…)

Kill the PATRIOT Act

May 24, 2011 Posted by zachary

This is a letter I wrote to my senators after reading that they allowed the PATRIOT Act to continue through the senate without a vote. Senator Tom Coburn voted for the motion. Senator James Inhofe did not vote.

I am disappointed to see that you have allowed the PATRIOT Act to continue through the senate without debate. The fact that the US government saw fit to violate the privacy and due process rights of its citizens is bad enough, but to continue to allow this breach of our Constitutional rights is an even worse infringement against the American people.

I would certainly hope that when it actually comes to voting for this extension that you will vote against it. I am getting sick of every move by this once great nation as it becomes more and more of the totalitarian state that we claim to despise in other countries governments.

It is time to stop treating every citizen of this nation as if they were a terrorist. We need to end the PATRIOT Act, the TSA and the DHS. They are doing nothing but providing the illusion of security at the cost of the privacy and due process rights of the people.

If you have actually suspicion that would convince a judge to issue a warrant against specific individuals of interest, so be it. But do not think that the people of this nation will continue to roll over and have their rights stripped from them.

If you continue to support moves such as you did with the PATRIOT Act, I will be voting against you in the next election and actively encouraging other to do like wise. We need people who honor, support and uphold the constitution, not people who toss it out with the trash. We the People deserve better than that. (more…)