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People Are Talking About Mormons

July 7, 2011 Posted by zachary

If there is one good thing I can say about the Romney and Huntsman bids for the GOP presidential primary, it would be that it is getting people talking about the legitimacy of a Mormon running for the highest elected office in the US. We already have Mormon Congressmen, Senators, Governors etc, but we have yet had a Mormon President. If it weren’t for my disdain of Romney and Huntsman’s politics, I might be convinced to seriously consider them for president.

All this is leading to a lot of people talking about Mormons. One instance of this is a recent Blogging Heads discussion between two journalists, Erica Grieder and Kathrine Mangu-Ward.

I have embedded the two relevant sections of the discussion below. Aside from some serious inaccuracies of the founding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they do raise some good points on why the anti-Mormon efforts to belittle the legitimacy Romney and Huntsman bids for president are unfounded. (more…)