Animating Sprites In An Infested Kitchen

July 25, 2023 Posted by zachary

It has been a long time since my last update and I am happy to be back. I have been working on this game for a while. I started it nearly a year ago and life kind of got in the way.

In chapter 14 of Beginning Game Programming, we are challenged to make a gallery style shooter. The game in the book is an office battle game, but I didn’t feel that such a setting was appropriate for us. So I changed the theme to a game about killing bugs in a kitchen.

In Chapter 15, the book teaches us about animating sprites. Since we already used animated sprites in previous games, I combined the two chapters. But I also decided to use something we touched earlier in the Memory game, tweens. This tween is different from the ones we used in Memory. This one causes the sprite to loop around the kitchen.

var options:TweenOptions = {type: PINGPONG, ease: FlxEase.sineInOut, onComplete: onComplete};
if (facing == LEFT)
    tween = FlxTween.quadMotion(this, startX, startY, 0, 20, startX + 120, startY, 3, true, options);
    tween = FlxTween.quadMotion(this, startX, startY, 120, 20, startX - 120, startY, 3, true, options);

We also have some various sprite manipulating we use for this game. One of these is the FlxSprite property of facing. By setting the facing flip, we can change which direction the default sprite faces. So we can get away with using a single sprite and change which direction it faces programatically.

setFacingFlip(RIGHT, false, false);
setFacingFlip(LEFT, true, false);
setFacingFlip(UP, false, true);
setFacingFlip(DOWN, false, false);

We also have a sprite that rotates on an axis. We can manipulate the axis of the sprite using the origin property.

origin = FlxPoint.get(16, 16);

We can then rotate the sprite by updating the angle property in the update function.

angle += 1;

You can see the the full Kitchen Infestation game at You can see the source code for the game on Github.

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