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September 3, 2021 Posted by zachary

Hey Game Development Fans,

My name is Zachary Knight, I am one of the Co-Founders of Divine Knight Gaming. A long while back, we found and fell in love with Flixel, an Actionscript engine for creating 2d sprite based games for Flash. When that engine got ported to the cross platform language Haxe, becoming HaxeFlixel, we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities. While I have made a lot of progress in learning this engine, there is still much more to learn. That is why I am taking up this new challenge.

Over the years, I have amassed a somewhat sizeable collection of game programming and development books (a handful you can see above). I was quite the lover of the text and tutorials found in them. But these all came before I found HaxeFlixel, so the code wasn’t all that useful after that point. But the concepts are.

I want to take these books and convert the tutorials and game projects found within and turn them into HaxeFlixel tutorials and game projects. Doing so, I will not only expand my own understanding and skills with the language but also make code and tutorials that others can follow.

To make these games and projects, I will use a variety of free and open source tools. When the projects are complete, I will release them for free to the public. The code for the projects will be hosted on Github under the MIT open source license. The compiled projects will be available to play in the browser over at

My First Book Project: Beginning Game Programming

For the first project I will be working on, I have chosen “Beginning Game Programming” by Michael Morrison (That is an affiliate link). This book is one of my absolute favorites. This book helps new developers learn core game development concepts, create their own C++ engine, and every chapter has a game or game-like project at the end of it. This book has 7 completed games, and 16 projects. For a total of 23 game projects.

You can find all the code as I make it at Github, at BGP_Projects. The completed projects will be made available at the HeroOfDermwood page.

At the time I am publishing this, I have already completed the first project of this book, Chapter 2: Creating an Engine for Games. This chapter doesn’t have a whole lot that is useful to HaxeFlixel developers, but I think that its example is a useful way to introduce yourself to creating a barebones HaxeFlixel project.

I can’t wait to go through this new adventure with all of you.

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