In Which I Express My Election Endorsements

November 7, 2016 Posted by zachary

What a year for an election. There is so much going on and so much at stake. So it is time for some endorsements from this Candidate for Congress.

I will list my endorsements from the top down, first for those running on my local ballot and then in general for the rest of the state.

First Up, I endorse Gary Johnson, Libertarian, for President. He is the only serious and qualified candidate running for the top office in the nation. He has executive experience as Governor of New Mexico. He has a proven track record of working with an opposing legislative branch. He has a proven record of smart budget policies. He has great ideas for our foreign relationships with other nations. In a serious election, he would be the top contender. While I don’t have any hope that he will win Oklahoma, I feel he has a great chance in the national race. But in Oklahoma, a vote for him means a vote for continued competition of ideas in Oklahoma.

Next, I endorse Robert Murphy, Libertarian for Senate. I have known Robert for a while now and he is a really smart and liberty minded individual. He would make a great Senator and advocate for liberty, freedom and peace.

I then endorse myself for Congressional District 5. Of course.

For OK Senate District 41, I endorse Richard Prawdzienski. As a long time Libertarian, I trust Richard to make responsible decisions for the direction of this state.

For OK House District 39, I endorse Clark Duffe. He is a respected friend and Libertarian. He will also help steer Oklahoma in the right direction.

For Oklahoma County Clerk, I endorse Chris Powell, Libertarian. He has been a strong advocate for liberty and he will use his position to strengthen that in this county.

For Oklahoma County Sheriff, I will abstain. Neither candidate is an honest or good person. They have both shown to be corrupt and untrustworthy. I can’t in good conscience vote for either one.

For Oklahoma County Court Clerk, The incumbent lost in the Primary, but her Republican challenger does not possess much better judgement. I suggest voting for Anastasia Pittman for Court Clerk, but don’t make an endorsement.

For Judicial Retention, I don’t have the time and energy to research the value of each judge’s rulings. Neither have I heard of any ruling that just made me shake my head as much as the legislation the state courts have overruled. However, any judges that are not retained will have final approval of Governor Fallin for their replacement. Fallin has not been a good Governor for our state and so she should be kept far from replacing any judges. Vote Yes on all judicial retention.

For State Questions, see my previous post.

In all other races, I suggest the following rules: 1) If there is a Libertarian on the ballot, vote for him or her. 2) If there is an Independent on the ballot, Vote for him or her. 3) If there is an incumbent on the ballot, vote for their opponent.

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