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July 2, 2012 Posted by zachary

Random Battles: A Gamer’s Guide to What the Crap is Happening in the Games IndustryFor a while now, I have offered the ability to read my first book Random Battles: A Gamer’s Guide to What the Crap is Happening in the Games Industry for free here on my web site. The book was fun to write and I learned a lot about what I was interested in and what I wanted to express in it. I still have more that I want to say and probably in a better format in the future. I really like the idea of ebooks and what they have to offer young aspiring writers such as myself. Yet, there comes a time when somethings just need to be set free. Starting now (or rather a week or so ago), the book is available for Free on Smashwords.

This book is my first foray into writing about games as a money making enterprise. It admittedly has a number of weaknesses (not least of these is the lack of citations). So we will consider it as a first draft of a more in depth look at the world of gaming from the perspective of a gaming consumer. So let me tell you now, I will be back.

Now, if you want to support me in my endeavor to write more and bring a bigger and better reading experience, please feel free to buy it from Amazon. I decided to leave that pay option for those who would like to support me.

But buying this book is not the only way to support me in writing (and even game development). I also run a very nice little CafePress store in which you can buy t-shirts with various game related slogans on them. I will be adding more as time moves forward.

So there you have it. If I make enough money, I will be able to focus more of my time on writing as well as game development. This is something I have wanted for a long time and I am really working hard towards that goal at this point. Thank you for your time and support.

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