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April 14, 2012 Posted by zachary

So I have been slacking on my blurbs from Techdirt. I have way to many articles since my last summary so I will simply link the headlines unless I want to say something about it. There is a bit about SOPA, some complaints about Ubisoft, a lot about game companies doing awesome things, others doing absolutely stupid things, some interesting perspectives on competing with piracy, some strange events around erotic fiction ebooks and more.

Sega Gets It Right About SOPA: It’s Time For A Hard Reset On Copyright Law & Congress

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CD Projekt Listens To Fans, Abandons Piracy Witch Hunt

ESA Tucks Its Tail Between Its Legs And Pulls SOPA Support

After Years Of Near Obscurity, Atari Turns To Copyright Trolling

Tales From Ubisoft DRM: Latest DRM Goes From Horrible To Slightly Less Horrible

Ubisoft Cuts Off Legit Players With DRM Server Migration; Pirates Play On

If People Like You And Your Work They’ll Pay; If They Like Your Work, But Don’t Like You, They’ll Infringe

You should follow Robert Boyd on Twitter.

If You Want To Compete With Free, This Is What You Need To Know

You should follow Lars Doucet on Twitter. He even wrote a pair of follow up articles on this concept. Part 1Part 2. Part 3.

Paypal Pressured To Play Morality Cop And Forces Smashwords To Censor Authors

Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Using Trademark Law To Prevent The Use Of Public Domain Stories

Mojang and Bethesda Reach A Settlement In ‘Scrolls’ Trademark Dispute

Authors Can Sleep Easy Now; Paypal Reverses Its Censorship Decision

Finding Success In A Wasteland By Being Open, Human And Awesome

Stardock CEO Wants To Maximize Sales, Not Stop Piracy

New York Convinces Game Companies To Kick Registered Sex Offenders Off Gaming Services

This one is frustrating to no end. If I have time soon, I will probably write about sex offender registries on my Mormon Libertarian blog soon.

Zenimax Files For Trademark On A Skyrim Internet Meme

Yep. I have a t-shirt for this one too.

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