Branching Out

December 11, 2011 Posted by zachary

For those who have been following me, this may be old news. However, I thought I would take a moment and share some news about what I am up to. I have become much more active online and have been doing a lot more writing as well as game development. So here is a small description of the individual works I have been doing.

Divine Knight Gaming

My brother Willis and I have been working on a game together. We are still in early development and are working to have a playable prototype by January so that we can officially announce our game and start making some money through it. Along with working on that game, we will be using the blog and website to post tutorials and other game development related articles. This is part of us giving back to the greater game development community.

Random Tower Games

Random Tower Games is a label Willis and I are using to cover a few things. One is our retail side of things. We currently operate an Amazon store in which we sell games. This has been mildly successful and we are working to make it more so. We are also working on building a small business designing t-shirts. On top of this, we are using it as a blog to discuss some of the latest and most interesting gaming news. We might even throw some game reviews in there if we ever have the time to play some games.

Mormon Libertarian

This one is pretty much me. I ran for Oklahoma State House in 2010 and have been fairly active in politics since. This is my way of continuing that effort. When I do write, it will be from the point of view of a Mormon who is also a Libertarian. This is who I am and how I roll. I can’t make any promises that I will run for office again, but at least this way I can work toward the greater good of this nation.

The Mantle of the Mighty

This one has not gotten started yet, but it is there. I want to write more fiction and this is where it will be promoted and displayed. I have had a novel in the works for 10 years now (I haven’t actually worked on it for the past few years) but I hope to finish it at some time. In the mean time, I will also be posting my short stories and poems there as I write them. I will even write up articles on writing, publishing, and things related to them.

Editorial Games

This one is currently not active. I plan on bringing it back out of limbo soon. I had written under that blog in the past but took it down and haven’t gotten back to it. This site will be dedicated to games that deal with political and social issues. If I find a game that meets that criteria, I will be writing about it there. I will also be using that site as a platform to promote and play games I have created for that theme. Keep an eye on this space in the near future.


I have been writing for Techdirt for a while now. You have probably seen my articles linked here and other places. This is a great gig and has been one of the driving points behind my greater interest in writing. I mostly write about legal issues related to copyright, patents and trademark, but often write about other interesting legal issues. There is a wide variety of topics there and I hope to bring a whole lot more.

EZ Knight

Finally, we have this site here. If there is ever a topic that doesn’t fit neatly into the narrowly defined boxes above, I will be writing about it here. This is kind of the catchall blog. If I ever find that I am writing a lot about a certain brand of news, I may even spin it out into its own blog to help keep things straight. Who knows. For now, you can expect to find a whole lot of variety.

So that is it. That is what I am up to. Feel free to keep things interesting by commenting and sharing these blogs with others.

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