Coburn Fails to Understand Technology

May 26, 2011 Posted by zachary

Senator Coburn today voted to move the PROTECT IP act out of committee and into a floor vote. This move shows just how little he understand technology and his unwillingness to listen to those who do. He shows that all he cares about is listening to and propping up failing industries rather than letting innovation thrive in the US.

The following is the letter I wrote to him in response to this vote:

I wrote to you just the other day about the PROTECT IP bill and the current state of copyright in general.

Today I learn that once again the Senate, and you sepcifically, have voted to move forward with PROTECT IP (formally known as COICA).

This legislation is a horrible mess. The powers it grants the government and private interests is enough to destroy the stability of the internet and move the US to China like censorship.

I am disappointed that you did not listen to those from the technology industry who voiced their concerns about this bill and instead listened to those in an industry whose only goal with legislation like this is to prop up failing business models.

It was my impression that Republicans were not in favor of propping up failing businesses as shown by many Republicans displeasure about the TARP bailouts and other government bailouts of failing industries.

I would hope that you would change your mind and look at the issues and details more closely before making your final vote on this bill. I hope that as you actually look at it and listen to both sides to the debate equally, that you will see just how damaging this will be to information technology and free speech in the US. I hope that your final vote will reflect that and you will vote NO.

With this move and your recent vote on the PATRIOT ACT, I am looking less and less likely to vote for you when you are next up for election.

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