Voter Rights – I support the rights of voters to be able to choose and elect any person they feel supports their individual beliefs regardless of party lines. This means removing the artificial barriers created in Oklahoma to block new parties from gaining access to the ballot.

Ethical Government – I believe that the elected officials should be held accountable to the people that elect them and should work for their interests and not those of special interests and lobbyists. I support the creation of a “No Gift List” for elected officials. This list would allow elected officials to opt out of receiving gifts from lobbyists.

Open government – The government should be more open in its proceedings and make it easier for the citizens to have access to all public meetings. This means that all public meetings held by the state of Oklahoma should be broadcast online as well as on public television.

Fiscal Responsibility – The State government should be held accountable for excess spending and should move to reduce any such spending. The government should work to insure that all moneys received into state funds have a purpose that benefits the entire state of Oklahoma and not special interests. The government should maintain a reserve fund for use in economic and natural emergencies. State Representatives and Senators should not be paid more than the average citizen of Oklahoma.

Smaller government – The state should remove its influence from all sectors that are not critical for the economy and safety of Oklahomans. This includes the closing of state agencies and committees that are not necessary to the growth and safety of our state.

Fair Taxation – I support the reduction and removal of many of the taxes that burden the people of Oklahoma. I support the removal of estate taxes, the lowering of property taxes and the removal of Income taxes. A fair tax is one that is based on commerce.

Property Rights – All people have the right to own property and the right to not have that ownership jeopardized by the government or private interests. I will work to limit the government’s ability to execute eminent domain and civil forfeiture.

Economic Growth – By removing barriers for small and medium sized businesses the State of Oklahoma can create new jobs, new markets and new products. We should work toward making it profitable to start and run a business in the state of Oklahoma. Too many businesses choose to locate elsewhere in the US because of the taxes imposed on them in this state.

Broadband Availability – Many parts of Oklahoma are largely under served by a single broadband ISP, if they have broadband service to begin with. I support efforts to provide more competition and better broadband to all citizens of Oklahoma.